using Twilio web services.

There are few ways to implement SMS sending service in Spring-Boot. Today we are going to discuss how to implement it by using Twilio online web service.

Few of the most important principles in “Better Coding

S Single responsible principle

O → Open/Close principle

L → Liskov substitution principle

I → Interface segregation principle

D → Dependency inversion principle

Single Responsible Principle

A class should have one responsibility. Furthermore, it should have one reason to change.

How Scripting Languages differs from Programming Languages.

Scripting languages are a specific kind of computer languages that can use to give instructions to other software such as a web browser, server or standalone application.

Widely used in web development as well as used in,

Simply what is the MVC Architecture???

M — Model

The part that stores data and its related logics.

What are the Object Oriented Concepts?

OOC is the basic and foundation of Object Oriented Languages such as Java, C# and C++. Primary purpose of this OOC is to increase the flexibility and maintainability of your code. It brings together data and its behaviors (methods) in a single location.

Before going through these concepts we have…

Minindu Kothalawala

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